Adult Beginner Strings

“Adult Beginner Strings” is a place where adults can meet, learn and play music with others in a relaxed, social and supportive environment.

If you’ve thought about playing a stringed instrument (violin, viola, cello, double bass) but have never put that impulse into action, this may be the perfect way to begin. For many adults the idea of even starting to learn one of these instruments is overwhelming! Other adults start learning but soon give up. Learning an instrument by yourself is difficult for an adult with so many other factors of life competing for attention.

String Instruments


Instead of looking at the end result and all the work that has to go into it, you can come to these weekly sessions, and see it as a social occasion and an enjoyable time of week where you get to spend time supporting yourself. I look for ways to support everyone depending on where their motivation and interests lie.

Our sessions are:

  • 7.30pm Wednesdays

and cost $15 per hour and a half (tea and bickies afterwards).

We are always looking for more people to play with us, so please get in touch: Contact Me

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